CtM Soundtrack - "Cross the Moon"

Hi there,

I thought I would make a series of posts going over some of my ideas when it came to making Cross the Moon's soundtrack. I will try to keep each entry short, as I hope to go over each track eventually. A paragraph or two at most. I'm also going to embed the album in each post so you can listen along at the same time!

The first track is the the titular Cross the Moon! Funnily enough, this was one of the last pieces I wrote for the game. For the longest time I didn't have something that I thought would fit the broad and varied tone of the game. I always wanted a theme song a bit like the hugely successful visual novel Steins;Gate. I'm not a huge SG fan, but that theme song is one of my favourites.

The piece first shows up on the game's title screen, so if you've heard anything from my game, it's this. It also shows up a handful of times throughout the story in different contexts, such as Aziliz's concert and a speedier version on the radio in Gaspar's car (track #13 on the soundtrack), in more diegetic fashion.

Initially I didn't write it with the expectation that it would be the title track. The "slowed down" version of Cross the Moon that you can hear at the 6:50 mark of Moon Made Flesh (track #23) is where the idea began. I was trying to come up with a piece that reflected both the lowness of Aurore's current situation and also how she is able to overcome this. I had Daniel Caesar's "Loose" - one of the most people songs I've ever heard - on my mind, and set out to write something with a similar energy, though it wasn't long before my piece found its own direction and ended up in a completely different place than "Loose". 

But I was happy with this movement within Moon Made Flesh so I decided to pump up the BPM and tried to give it a similar "mysterious groove" to Steins;Gate's theme... and that was that!

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